Why you need to Outsource

Getting new staff at your chiropractic practice is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, funds permitting. An addition to your staff means that your practice is growing and you have additional staff to either focus on new ideas or reduce workload on your current staff. You can either recruit a new team member locally or follow the trend of outsourcing a new team member. Outsourcing is when a company engages with an outside service provider to undertake a critical business activity. This is done by business process outsourcing companies that help you get a team member for your practice.

This team member can be a virtual team member that is located in another country but works for you like all of your other team members. For your practice, outsourcing can be engaging a third party to do your billing or receptionist duties. Outsourcing has many benefits especially if you engage a virtual team member to be part of your team. Below are some benefits of outsourcing and frequently asked questions.


Reduce costs and save

Outsourcing allows you to save on staff expenses by not having a team member on the ground at your practice. When you hire a virtual team member, you eliminate expenses such as a workstation, stationery, and electricity because they are borne by the outsourcing company where the virtual team member is based.


Leverage the best talent

Outsourcing companies give you a highly qualified team member based on the area of expertise you are looking for. Outsourcing companies have a pool of potential candidates that are skilled and deliver results as expected. A virtual team member, like the staff at your practice, will be an educated English speaking team member that is able to do duties assigned to them by you.


Customer service excellence

Getting a highly qualified additional team member means that you deal with customers faster and customer service is improved. Customer will have shorter waiting periods and this will allow you to serve more patients. A delighted customer leads to a customer that is loyal to your business and this means more money for your practice. Click here to learn more about customer service excellence.


Gives your business a competitive edge

New staff members with specialized skills are a valuable addition to your practice. Hiring a highly qualified English-speaking team member will give you a competitive advantage over rivals. The new employee will quickly adapt to your operations and will bring fresh ideas to assist you outperform your rivals. The new hire may also inspire existing staff in your practice to work harder so that they are not overshadowed by the new employee. All of this equates to greater productivity and more revenue for your practice.

Helps you focus on core activities

Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on the core operations of your practice, while your outsourced team member concentrates on delivering results on your outsourced process. You may focus on patient wellbeing and methods to attract new patients while your new team member handles operations like bookkeeping, invoicing, and social media management. Concentrating on your main tasks allows you to build your business.


Promotes growth

An extra staff member shows that your practice is expanding. A new employee offers new ideas that can help your company thrive. New social media management strategies or patient acquisition strategies can help you reach more patients and develop your practice. An extra staff member boosts production, which increases the cash available to you, which you may then utilize to expand your practice’s facilities or buy additional equipment.


Below are some of the FAQ about outsourcing:


Q: Will a virtual team member be able to keep up with my time because of the different time zones?

A: Outsourcing companies adjust according to your business hours. Your virtual assistant will be available during your specific working hours.


Q: How will I communicate with a virtual team member?

A: You can communicate with your virtual team member using calls or video conferencing software such as ZOOM or Skype


Q: How long does it take to get a virtual team member?

A: It is only a matter of choosing the best candidate out of a pool of potential candidate organized by the outsourcing company then signing an agreement between you and the outsourcing company on the terms of service.


Q: Are there any special hardware and software requirements if I get a virtual team member?

A: No. The outsourcing company is the one that provides any special hardware or software for your virtual assistant to do their duties effectively


Engage an outsourcing company today and make your work easier!

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