Military grade firewalls.

We are certified under the Department of Defense (DOD), NSS Labs, USGv6, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, Microsoft Certified (FSSO), FIPS 140-2, CVE Compatible, ICSA Labs & ICSA.

Threat Intelligence

Deploying tools such as SIEM and WAF technologies that can consume specific data, convert it into actionable policies, and apply it to protect data and network.

Network Proliferation

Profiling, continuous risk management and assessment, automated response to identified risks, micro-segmentation of endpoints and orchestration of 3rd party devices.

Web Application Protection

Our security devices are specifically designed to provide deep, high-performance inspection of web application traffic far beyond what is provided by traditional NGFW technology.

Intrusion Prevention

Zero-day, advanced targeted attacks, ransomware, polymorphic malware and distributed denial-of-service attacks all require sophisticated detection engines which are not available in traditional standalone IPS.

Physical Security

With biometric access control, monitored security system with an immediate response team (Safeguard Alarms the country’s top security company ). 24/7 video & onsite surveillance.

VPN Security

With the powerful FortiOS running on FORTI-ASIC hardware to provide high-performance communications and data privacy, the client benefits content inspection and multi-threat security for VPN communications

Access Management

We employ single-sign-on for both network/cloud and network resources, we have two-factor strong authentication and management and centralized authentication.

Cyber Insurance

We carry a cyber insurance policy to protect businesses & individual users from Internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure.