Design, Organize And Execute Your 6-Month Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar

Marketing calendars are essential for improving your reach and attract more patients to your practice. Why do you need one that forecasts so far into the year? A good strategy will grow into a good plan and a good plan will give you a lot of actionable ideas to improve your communication. You also improve patient retention and turnovers.

Here are our 5 pointers for designing and executing your marketing calendar:

1. What do you need?

Make a list of what your current marketing strategy is currently missing. For this, you might need to compare with other more established practices strategies. Take note of:

  • Current engagement. Do you have a good many people following you and engaging content you have put out to market your services?
  • Are you active on all appropriate platforms? Is your practice accessible to all your patients? Look into increasing your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Do you need extra help with your marketing? Though going it alone gives you control and a sense of achievement we recommend you get expert help. Especially if you want to get the best out of your marketing efforts

2. What should you include in your marketing calendar?

Now that you have listed the things your current marketing strategy is missing. It’s time to revamp it with a few additions:

  • Set goals.

This gives your whole marketing strategy meaning. Have a clear purpose for every endeavour be it a campaign or program you intend to undertake. Have set deadlines for the goals you have set. Your marketing calendar will change with the times and patients need to know you can keep apace.

  • Aim high.

Milestones help your goals. Having set milestones like getting 5.000 twitter followers by a given time helps make for an effective marketing strategy.

  • Generate t content.

Generate and keep track of content. Know what is being posted and when. Like everything else, you should have set goals and deadlines. Content should be in the form of:

– Social media posts.

– Blog posts.

– Video content.

– Article publication dates.

– Promotions

Get engaging with your patients and realize higher retention and turnover for your practice.

3. Structure Your Marketing Calendar

Having a pre-structured calendar will help you keep on track. This will also help you tie your marketing activities to your business objectives and have a smooth workflow.

To have a well-rounded structure you might want to include the following:

  • Days of note. This includes holidays, conferences, and any seasonal events that need to be taken note of. Know days of the year and make appropriate plans for your practice beforehand.
  • Have quarterly assessment periods to see how far you have come in achieving your goals. If there are delays find out the cause and how it can be fixed.
  • Make relevant adjustments where need be. You are not going to be on time all the time so make adjustments to your timelines.

4. Keep track

Keeping track of marketing material lets you see how effective your efforts are. It also lets you know if the resources you are currently injecting are going to good use. A simple spreadsheet will do the trick. Showing you how you have improved in engagements, followings, and patient numbers. Make a detailed evaluation of results and where your efforts are needed most.

5. Assign tasks

Your marketing strategy must be a team effort to get the best results. Every team member should know what the marketing strategy is and how it will impact the way they work. Assign tasks to appropriate team members and have targets and evaluations of tasks assigned.


Having a dynamic and well-planned calendar makes sure your team, your business, and your patients are in sync. This leaves an impression on potential and existing patients to be a part of your practice. Get to organizing and consulting with experts on how you can have a well-rounded strategy.

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