Chiropractic Practice Management: How to have the “A Team”

Chiropractic Practice Management

In order to realize a successful practice, you need to have a good team. Many practices without proper chiropractic practice management systems are realizing poor results and missing their goals simply because they are not working well together or simply have team members that are “slacking” or demotivated or worse still having factions within the practice.

Now it’s one thing to have great minds in one room but the key to having a good team is having them work well together. After all, there is no “I” in team.

Chiropractic Practice Management: Managing People

Here’s how you can have a motivated team working in you practice.

Your foundation is good hiring

In order to get the best team, you need to hire good people.

The biggest compromises practice owner make is on their expectation. Be clear on what you are expecting from your potential candidate and what is being asked of them.

This lets your team members know from the start that high-quality work is expected of them and will motivate them to better themselves and deliver.

Open this communication to your potential team members.

Allow them to also tell you what they expect from you as the team leader.

Communication is key to a great team

Effective communication is an important ingredient of successful chiropractic practice management. It makes it possible to get the best out of your team.

Firstly, you will need to invest in communication tools.

Software like Zoom allows for effective communication between you and your whole team while platforms like Zoho, Slack, and Basecamp allow you to keep track of the work and efficiency of the team.

Through efficient communication, you can help plan and communicate any changes, upcoming events and changes to your working system in time.

This means that your team is never caught off guard or overwhelmed.

Lastly, good communication keeps your team working well together. Matters on personal conduct, encouragement or problems being faced are easily exposed and solved.

Not all communication has to be serious and stuffy. You can keep communication non-formal and free to encourage a sense of comradery and trust between team members.

Improve staff training

To make your team efficient they are always in need of fine-tuning.

This seems simple enough, right? Not really.

We advise you to do away with old stuffy training methods. Have a more interactive training system that allows the whole team to be involved.

This removes the awkwardness for those learning new things and aids those that are in the know better themselves.

Almost everyone has embraced the digital era. The way you improve your team should be no exception. The use of video, audiovisual presentations should be cooperated to keep attention.

Measuring Performance

A good team produces results and to see these results you need to measure the work they are doing presently. Create a system of targets and checks that are systematically designed to their duties and requirements.

This helps you see where a team member needs help or if they are indeed the team member you need for your practice.

Reviews build character

As your team progresses it is always good to meet with them individually and see how they are progressing with their respective responsibilities. Each member is like a link in a chain and these reviews help you identify the weaker links.

It is advisable to have a checklist of things to look for as you conduct these reviews.

Good chiropractic practice management encourages overall conduct, punctuality, commitment to tasks and targets are met. As these reviews become a regular thing personal improvements are inevitable as a member needs to have a good review.

Reward hard work

Rewarding team members who show progressive skills and commitment is a sure way of having a team that takes your practice to the next level.

Have a system that gives incentives to attitudes, behaviors, and results that you’d want to be repeated. This encourages each team member to give their best always and over time will draw members closer as they will have more than their salary to gain for their hard work.

Bad performance has consequences

Just as exceptional performance comes with rewards bad performances by a team member must carry consequences. As a team, one bad performance can have a negative effect on the practice as a whole.

This sounds harsh but as one team member fails to pull their weight they drain the entire team and make would be hard workers look bad.

Now, this is not to say be the never compromising law of the land. Make team members be more aware of their responsibilities and where they can improve, award second chances and room for improvement.

But at the end of the day just as your team knows you as a good leader that is easy to approach they should also know you have a commitment to keep a high level of development and productivity from your team.

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