6 things your practice should be doing in 2021.

It is 2021 and you have heard and tried a number ideas to improve practice productivity all while trying to get more patients and retain your current ones.

In this article, we focus on what you can do to improve on what you already have to get more out of your practice and improve the way your team functions. Your patients are the most important element of your practice and we want to make sure you give them the best experience always.

1. Deliver on the quality you promise

Chiropractors offer the best of adjustments and you are without a doubt skilled in that’s area. However, the patient experience goes beyond what happens when you have them on your practice table.

Make your patients feel they are at the right place at the right time. This involves making sure they are educated o what is going n with them, how it is to be resolved, and interacting with them after their procedure to make sure that all their questions and concerns are taken care of.

2. Tell the Truth

Word to the wise, do not tell a patient what you think they want to hear. Stick to telling patients information that is honest and helpful to them. If a patient requires more than one visit then in the most professional manner tell them that. If their insurance does not fully cover a procedure then offer a payment plan and assure them that not all is lost

3. Shorten Visit Length

As a general rule, never keep a patient waiting. Likewise do not keep a patient for longer than you have to. Yes, every procedure should be thoroughly done however much time it takes, this is a need. Patients are however there for your talent and not your time. Keep visits short allowing patients to go about their day and you to be more productive n your practice.

4. Educate your Patients

Educated patients tend to be under your care longer. They also save you time by not asking random questions and are more likely to refer other patients to your practice.

Enlighten patients on how your practice works, what you treat, how patients can take better care of them selves at home and any promotions or giveaways that you are offering. All this will contribute I making sure you have a well-rounded experience.

5. Improve on your online experience

Having an optimized website helps you attract newer patients and better retain your existing ones. When you have a good online presence it is easier for you to communicate with your patients and keep an up-to-date schedule at all times.

Take time to come up with informative blogs, articles that offer insights to patients and trivia’s that make you practice the go to for all things chiropractic

6. Outsource Your Insurance Billing

Having you as the practice owner handle every little detail of your practice processes can be a tall order. Find the right business partner on who you can offload some of your practice processes so that they are done right and save you time.

Some benefits of outsourcing your billing include.

· Maximized collections from insurance claims

· A dedicated expert billing team

· Increased monthly cash flow

· Faster Payments Collection

· Keep Up With Chiropractic Trends

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