5 Steps To Create An Efficient Chiropractic Practice

efficient chiropractic practice

An efficient chiropractic practice is important as you return to seeing your patients. The pressure is on to deliver great patient healthcare while adhering to state safety regulations. All this while keeping your team at their best and not stretched too thin.

Here we have our five-step guide to having a well-functioning practice that will be the referral of all patients.

Step 1 – Delegate

Establish which tasks need to be done and who should handle them. Make a list of must-do tasks and create a strategy on how much time needs to be dedicated to each. Less critical tasks need to be taken care of next. Couple them with major tasks in the same field.

After you have established the tasks, profile your team according to their strengths and ability to adapt. For example, those that have good communicating skills should help more with dealing with patients. This will have your practice moving faster as each team member will be handling a task they can do well.

Step 2 – Improve the work environment

Once each team member knows what they are supposed to do you need to provide a working environment that allows them to do it well. Get rid of any interruptions or distractions that may be present in the office.

Keep track of time spent on a task, this helps move things quicker and smoother. It also helps limit the interaction of people in your practice. Focus on tasks that can easily and quickly be completed first so you have more time to focus on bigger more demanding tasks.

Having rules on phones and limit small talk. Not to say interaction should be stopped completely but it should not get to a point where it gets In the way of work.

Step 3 – The front office is key

Your front office is now more important than ever. Patients have a lot of questions and concerns. It is now important to keep the front office well informed on how to address any patient question or concern.

In a bid to maintain the social distancing and safety measures, your front office has to be efficient. Make sure that the practice doesn’t keep a patient in for too long.

Try not to overwhelm your front office staff. Don’t have your front desk multitasking more than they should. This helps with the efficiency of your front office and the practice as a whole.

Step 4 – Automate some tasks

There is now a high use of digital tools but both practices and patients. In light of this, you might want to consider automating some tasks where needed. This will help with tasks that tend to take up too much time.

Tasks like appointment reminders needn’t be done by phone. Rather get an automated appointment reminder system that keeps your scheduling up-to-date. This will help you channel your human resources to where they are most needed.

Step 5 – Improve your tech

To have a well-functioning automated tasks system. You need to adapt, improve, and update your tech tools.

Put your billing and verifications on an online platform. Update your patient records and make sure you know exactly what a patient is eligible for and for how long.

Give patients the convenience of scheduling appointments and following up online. Invest in email mail chimps. Check on your patients to re-establish your relationship with them. Create chat rooms where patients can contribute and interact with you directly. All this from the comfort of their homes.


There is a lot of work that needs to be done to develop an efficient chiropractic practice. Outsource some of the technical work so as to make the burden 5 times lighter.

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